An Update from Rick

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"Over the last two days, I have been paddling on a glass ocean, and on a very bumpy ocean. Both have their joys. They need different levels of attention and concentration. On the flat water, paddling can be handled almost on autopilot, leaving mind free to search for rare wildlife. On the rough, it deserves more attention. I tend to use my flap-cap to hide my face from flying spray, so duck when hearing a steamroller breaker approaching. Similarly, I tend to brace for those big ones, a leftover from whitewater days. Fortunately self-righting BM looks after balance. Just this afternoon, I watched the sea change mood. We began in strong NW winds and waves, and transitioned to mild W wind. It only took about 15 minutes for the transformation, like an actor during a change in outfit. The wind abated. So did the waves. They lost all their whitecaps, starting with the ripples, then the bigger breakers, leaving a quiet ocean. Amazing to experience it. Bring on more of the ocean smorgasbord courses.”