Messy Church with Marshmallows

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Although numbers were lower than usual as a few families sent their apologies, we had a warm night around the fire.  We heard the Pentecost story… “They felt filled with the power of Jesus’ love and knew that they must go out and share that love with the world…and they knew God was with them always.”  … and we wrote our prayers for the world on the flames to make our Pentecost fire of passion.  Please add to it when you’re at Gordon.  Our concerns were for the environment, for those who are hungry, and the need to be non-judgemental of others.

Save the date—2 July—Next month we’re having a special Messy event for the whole family.  Scott from Young Engineers will be running a 1.5 hour Lego Robotics session with us.  Everyone is welcome—even if you don’t normally attend Messy, we’d love for you to come along and join in the fun.