Wayside's Long Walk Home

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Lyn Kwong has shared these words from Jon Owen, CEO and Pastor of Wayside Chapel.

“As the rain pours down on Sydney, people in our city and across the country have been walking and fundraising their big hearts out this week in the Long Walk Home to honour people experiencing homelessness and social isolation.  The weather this week has been a poignant reminder for our walkers that people living on the streets have no choice but to brave the elements and survive long stretches of rain as they hunker down in doorways and makeshift tents. 

I am so grateful for our walkers for the action they’re taking to make a difference in the lives of people they’ll probably never meet.  I’m grateful for the grieving mum who’s joining the walk for the third year in a row.  She lost her beautiful 21-year old son to heroin in October 2019.  The walk allows her to do something positive in her son’s memory and raise funds to help others… to prevent even one loss to addiction.  I’m grateful for the successful businessman who clawed his way back from alcoholism thanks to Wayside and now spends his days helping others.  And I’m grateful for Byron—our enthusiastic visitor and Long Walk Home ambassador—who has spoken so bravely this week about his struggle to survive and his path back to health.”

For more details of this Wayside event, visit https://www.longwalkhome.com.au/how-it-works