More Rugs for Wrap With Love

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This week our Coffee’n’Chat group successfully prepared a batch of 26 gorgeous rugs for collection by a delighted representative from Wrapped with Love (WWL).

Our church, wider community and Ravenswood girls all contribute squares to the project.  Flo Brawn dedicatedly sews 28 squares together to form a rug, crochets a border, and completes it with a WWL label.

The feedback from WWL Head Office is that they love getting our rugs, as they’re always perfectly finished and ready to distribute immediately!  Our latest batch of rugs will be shared between the needy in Syria and disadvantaged youth within Australia.  WWL send a big thank you for all the work we do for the program.

WWL deals with over 40 non-denominational and non-political aid agencies both nationally and internationally to distribute the rugs to those in greatest need.