Uniting World Exceeds Target

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Sureka Goringe, National Director of UnitingWorld, has extended her sincere thanks for our contribution to UnitingWorld’s work. Sureka reports that they had hoped to raise $470,000 to help fund their government-supported projects for the 2022-23 financial year, but are amazed and extremely grateful to have in fact raised over $520,000 towards the life-changing work of their partners. Exceeding their target means more families lifted out of poverty; more people earning an income, getting an education or better access to clean water and sanitation; safer communities for women and girls; and more people prepared for a changing climate… which all translates to God’s love and hope made real for people struggling through crisis. “We’re a small team here at UnitingWorld, but we can make wide ripples of change thanks to the generosity of our supporters and determination of our partners,” writes Sureka. “Thank you so much for sharing our vision of a more just and hopeful world, free from poverty.”