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Weekly Newsletter 12 August 2018

PDF icon 18.8.12, Notices.pdf

Newsletter 15th July 2018

PDF icon 18.7.15, Notices.pdf

Weekly Newsletter 1st July

PDF icon 18.7.1, Notices.pdf

Weekly Newsletter 24th June

PDF icon 18.6.24, Notices.pdf

Weekly Newsletter 8th April 2018

PDF icon 18.4.8, Notices.pdf

Weekly Newsletter 25th March 2018

PDF icon 18.3.25, Notices.pdf

newsletter 11th March 2018

PDF icon 18.3.11, Notices.pdf

28th January Newsletter

PDF icon Notices 18.01.28.pdf

Statement from President of UCA re Same Sex Marriage

PDF icon 17.12.17, Pastoral statement, President.pdf

GUC Annual Report 2017

PDF icon GUC Annual Report 2017 final.pdf